Every day the needs are increasing, so that more and more of us are thinking about making more money by doing business. Doing business certainly requires total focus so that the business that is being run can run smoothly. Then what if doing business while working full time, is it possible?

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Relax, that’s possible!

You don’t need to resign if you know the strategies and tips for doing business while working below:

1. Start from Simple Things First

If you feel you are still not ready to run a large business, just start from a simple business, you can start by running an online shop. If there is not enough capital to provide stock of goods, you can use a reseller and dropship system.

In addition, you can also sell products of your expertise, for example, homemade snack businesses such as cookies, cakes, puddings, which are currently booming on Instagram. Don’t be shy or hesitant to start a simple business. Remember, simple doesn’t mean small. Simple things can produce big things later if they are practiced well.

2. Set a Vision and Mission

Maybe this second point sounds clichéd or trite, but setting a vision and mission is essential in running anything, including doing business. By having a vision and mission, you will get an idea of ​​which direction your business will go. Vision and mission help you to be more focused on achieving the business goals you want to achieve.

3. Take Time

Many people think that they don’t have free time so they back off to do business, even though you can take advantage of the time on the weekends and the time between work, right? In addition, you can also steal a little time during office breaks.

But don’t run your business during office working hours because it will certainly interfere with your focus on work. Indeed, your rest and refreshing time will be consumed, but everything certainly requires sacrifice right.

4. Find a Mentor

Having a mentor from the beginning of starting a business is a big advantage because as novice businessmen we often don’t have enough knowledge to run a business. By having a mentor and utilizing the knowledge from the mentor, you can accelerate the growth of your business.

Besides that, you can get second opinions and emotional support from your mentors, therefore the role of a mentor is very important! If you notice, every successful businessman out there on average has a business mentor.

5. Always Maintain and Maintain Your Reputation

Don’t forget that you are still an employee at the company you are currently working for. Don’t be busy yourself with your business during working hours, you also still have responsibility for the company. Manage your time and focus as best you can, so that work is not interrupted by the business you are starting, and vice versa.

6. Working Remotely

Working at home means you can manage your own time, no need to spend time getting ready in the morning and time on the go. You also have more time to do other things, including your business.

If possible, you can ask your boss to be hired remotely, but you still have to be responsible by maintaining active communication and showing good performance even if you work at home. Don’t let your boss get disappointed and regret letting you work remotely.

Having a business while working does have its own challenges. Working full time is not a barrier for you to start a business. Start moving from simple things and live it consistently.