One of the things that most mothers complain about after giving birth is weight. The considerable weight gain made Mother feel insecure.

Will this weight gain last forever?

Can the body return to its original size?

That thought then made Mother look for ways to lose weight relatively quickly, if possible without having to suffer a lot. Taking care of a baby 24 hours and not traveling freely is quite torturous, especially if you are not allowed to eat your favorite foods. Right?

Before deciding to go on a diet while breastfeeding, you should first know the source of weight gain during pregnancy. On the What to Expect page, it is explained that the average pregnant woman gains 11-15 kg of weight. During childbirth, the mother’s weight can be reduced by around 4-5 kg which consists of the baby’s body weight (2.5 kg – 4.5 kg), plus amniotic fluid and placenta.

Then, what about the rest? The remaining body weight comes from breast muscle tissue, fat and blood reserves, and an enlarged uterus. When the uterus shrinks back to its original size, you will lose weight, approximately six weeks after delivery. Well, the remaining weight can be reduced with effort. You also can use medicine herbal like proven.

However, is there a safe way to lose weight for breastfeeding mothers? Before thinking about how, first pay attention to the following things:

Babies still need nutrition from breast milk

Breastfeeding is the process of providing nutrition to babies through breast milk. Where else can the source of nutrition in breast milk come from if not from the food and drink consumed by the mother. If food intake is reduced due to diet, the nutrients in breast milk can also be reduced. This is certainly dangerous for the baby’s growth and development. Moreover, the first 1000 days of a baby’s life determine its future health. Do not let the baby become sickly or even suffer from nutritional deficiencies.

Know realistic boundaries

Studies conducted by the World Health Organization or WHO on 1,743 mothers around the world show that the average body weight that can be reduced in the period of two weeks to two years postpartum is 4.7 kg. Another study states that 40.3{fdbc4709cc551e49611c5b1be0c1a74db4fbbff578c2436a04708111ff8b8303} of mothers “spare” 2.5 kg of their weight during pregnancy.

This means that he weighs 2.5 kg more than his pre-pregnancy weight. This realistic limit provides a bit of a realistic picture of how much can be reduced over a period of time. So, you don’t get discouraged if your weight hasn’t returned to normal.

Therefore, it is better for you to use a way to lose weight that is adjusted to the condition of the mother and child. Reducing food portions is an instant way that most mothers rely on to reduce weight. In fact, exercise and a balanced diet are also effective ways to lose weight, you know!

Consistency and discipline play a greater role in the success of losing weight.