Many people think that education is essential. However, not everyone believes so, especially for people who live in rural or remote areas. Some people still believe that working is better than attending school, because working means making money, while school means spending money.

1. Give knowledge

The focus of education is to give knowledge. Education provides us with much knowledge about various things related to this world. Education can also provide insight for life, helps in deciding something in life, and many more.

2. Build character

Education is essential to us. Because it not only gives us knowledge but teaches us about attitude and the right things. Education fosters us into mature individuals, the ones who can plan for the future and make the right decisions in life. And good knowledge will make us more human. Therefore you need to enroll your child in a school that also teaches character education. One of them is St Andrews Dusit.

St Andrews Dusit is the best English School Bangkok, which has an international curriculum.

3. For a career/job

People who have education can afford the opportunity to get high-paying jobs. Enough money to support your life makes you have a pleasant experience.

Not only that, the more educated you are, the more career choices you will get.

4. Give enlightenment

Education eliminates the wrong thoughts in our minds. Education can give an insight into the things around us, so we don’t get confused. Education can trigger enthusiasm, curiosity, and passion in living life.

5. Help the nation’s progress

Although not listed in 3 basic human needs, education is just as important. Education can help the development of the country because the future of the country is safe in the hands of a professional community. Education is vital for the social development and economic growth of the nation.