Tips for maintaining air temperature at home

Surely you feel uncomfortable when feeling cramped or hot during the day at home. Stinging heat can indeed be caused by several factors such as high temperatures, roofs due to hot weather, roofing material errors, lack of circulation in the room.

Although many also use air conditioning (AC) as a shortcut when the house feels hot or hot. However, using air conditioners makes your electricity usage also swell and waste money.

Here are some solutions to keep your home from getting hot during the day without using air conditioning.

1. Cross ventilation

Because the air temperature in the tropics tends to be hotter, then it should be a home building in Indonesia needs to be equipped with Cross Ventilation. What is meant by Cross Ventilation or often also called Cross Ventilation are openings in which there are two in a room and are in a position facing each other. This opening can be a window or door and its location is not always on the wall but can also be on the top or roof.

2. High ceilings

Low ceilings make your house feel cramped and suffocating. Conversely, high ceilings will make the atmosphere of the room look wider and feel cool.

Elevating the ceiling will make open space for the roof and can also be an option for you to do. To reduce heat, you can also use a layer of aluminium foil installed under the roof tile of the house.

3. Styrofoam walls

Most styrofoam walls are used in recording studios as music sound dampening. However, it turns out that the styrofoam structure itself is composed of granules which cannot conduct heat. This makes Styrofoam good thermal insulation for you to use to absorb heat at home.

4. Turbine Ventilator

Turbine Ventilators are installed on the roof of the house if you have sufficient funds. Turbine Ventilators are equipped with fins to catch the wind. So, the wind that blows can capture by fins and flow into the room, so that the air circulation in the room is smooth and your house becomes cooler.

5. Using a portable air conditioner

The portable air conditioner is an air conditioning unit that is easy to carry, slide, or move. Now to meet these requirements AC units are usually lightweight, small in shape and sometimes equipped with wheels. Besides, Portable AC units typically have capacities ranging from 1pk to 2pk. Currently, on the market, a lot of sellers who sell various kinds of portable ac without knowing its quality, lest you choose, make sure you buy blaux portable ac. Blaux portable air conditioner is one of the portable air conditioners at affordable prices and has the best quality.

6. Plant more

Besides reducing global warming. Look for shady plants in your garden, so that it can make the house cool. However, if you have a limited home page the solution is you can plant vines that can propagate on the walls of the house or fence. In addition to creating a cool atmosphere, plants also supply oxygen for