How to reduce supplies waste and get better office suppliers

Most businesses have no adequate knowledge of how to handle the waste. In a lot of places in the world, waste pollution has taken over. You will find plastics which are non-biodegradable on the streets, lots of papers on the landfill, drinks straw littered everywhere, etc. Here is how you can reduce your waste supplies and get the best suppliers for your office:

Don’t use bottled water and give waste food to animals

Instead of using bottled waters, go for filters and glasses. The petroleum required in the production of water bottles is more than enough to fuel over a million cars annually. Besides, bottled water is more expensive than tap water and is prone to losing taste. Going for glasses or reusable bottles will help you a lot. Additionally, give your waste food to animals such as pigs. It is an age-old strategy that works every time. You can partner with farms who pick up waste food and feed to their pigs or other animals. This is much better compared to hauling it to the landfill.

Start to recycle and reduce packaging

Examine your work closely and identify the items that end up in the landfill. Can you replace them with recyclable products? How do you position your waste bins? Use more composting containers that are easier to use than landfill containers. The more you reduce the rate at which your dumpsters are picked up by waste companies, the less you pay, and the more you can save money. Also, reduce the packaging you use. For instance, used cardboard boxes can be reused for other purposes, you can repair damaged pallets and use it again in your distribution chain.

Measure and manage your waste

Technology has many more benefits compared to paper. Going paperless will help save you from a lot of waste, money, and time. Also, you have to weigh your waste per day. When you do this, you know your progress in waste management and how you can improve. Ensure each member of your staff knows the results so that each department can be challenged to do more in waste management. You can introduce incentives that will encourage them and reward their efforts.

Here is how you can get good office suppliers for your business needs:

Read online reviews

Except for an office supplierwho just started a business and you will be the first customer, other businesses would have patronized them and surely have something to say. Read what they have to say to know if you should do business with them. You will also know where to get cheaper but high-quality products so that you can make more profits. For example, you can read reviews about ink4less and inkjetsuperstore to know how they can help you reduce cost on your office ink needs.

Ask for recommendations

Ask other business owners to tell you how they get their office supplies. Ask three or four persons and check out the quality and prices of their products. Speak to them to know if you can flow well with them. Keep an eye on office suppliers from different sources as well. You never know which will eventually pay you.