Tips to GET YouTube subscribers

If you have a YouTube channel, one of your concerns is probably how to get subscribers and make your videos have millions of views in a matter of minutes.

This platform is available to everyone and has more utilities than you think. From makeup tutorials, to helping you start your own business.

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How to get subscribers on YouTube

 1. Plan and get organized

Planning and organization are necessary for any goal you set for yourself in life and definitely, if you want to get subscribers on youtube as well. You can also buy youtube subscribers if you want to get real subscriber in short time.

For your channel to be successful you need to know what it is going to be about or what you are going to talk about. You can do whatever you want, as long as you have clear goals. Dealing with specific topics, at least if you’re just starting out, could be of great help. This way you assure your subscribers that they will be able to find more content like that in the future. After you already have a certain audience, you can open up a bit and experiment with other topics. Don’t try to run before you walk.

To achieve efficient planning, write the possible topics that you would like to discuss, set aside a few hours a week to record and edit your videos and decide which days and hours of the week are more convenient to publish them.

2. Know your audience

If you have not paid attention to this point before, it is time to start doing it.

Although, the idea of ​​having your own youtube channel is for you to do what you like the most, but why not please them from time to time?

Knowing your audience will allow you to know what type of content they want to continue seeing on your channel, in addition to ensuring their subscription for much longer.

At the end of each video, ask what topic they would like you to talk about in the next one and take into account the comments and suggestions so that you create a much more friendly bond.

 3. Post content that catches

The content you publish on your channel is a key factor in your success (or failure).That is why you must create content that will hook them, that is entertaining and informative. Many youtubers make the mistake of starting the video well and then going the other way (with a topic that no one is interested in). This will only cause them to stop watching your video. If you can make a video go viral, you will attract much more traffic to your channel.

But BEWARE: don’t spend all your effort trying to make all your videos go viral.

4. Increase the number of publications

If you really want to get subscribers on YouTube, leaving your channel in oblivion is definitely a bad idea.

The balance is essential, that is to say: you cannot (or should not) publish ten videos a day, but not one video every two months.

With either of the two options, you will only get your subscribers bored and your videos will most likely not get the amount of visits you want. Ideally, you should post one video a week.

To do it effectively, take into account the annotations you made in the first step and you will see how you achieve it. The key to success is to persist and never give up.

5. Create titles that grab attention

The titles you choose determine whether or not users will watch your videos.

I assure you that you would never see a video with an extremely boring title and neither would I. That is why you must let your imagination fly and create a striking title.

Don’t make them too long, they usually don’t read, and don’t use the word “video” in the title either.

You can try using keywords that tell the user what your video is about.

Google tools like Google AdWords are very useful to choose the title.

This particularly helps you to know which are the words that are being searched the most on the web and thus place them in it.

The main thing is to choose a title that positions you in the first results when a user does a search.